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16th November 2021

What Colours Are Trending 2022

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9th November 2021

Paint Brush Choice & Care.

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9th November 2021

Common mistakes made when choosing paint colours.

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20th May 2021

Benefits of a Hand Painted Kitchen

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30th November 2020

Winter doesn’t often strike people as the best time to paint their home, however, there are a few advantages to doing so. At Porter Decorators we have

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4th February 2020

Achieve great looking painted doors. 7 easy steps that professional painter and decorators use every time.

How Often Does Your Home’s Exterior Need to Be Painted? 1
4th February 2020

The blog post provides a detailed insight into house maintenance and how often we should be painting our homes within a specific period of time.

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4th February 2020

The tips provided in this blog post will help you keep your walls clean and looking great for a long time.