Wallpapering Tips

5th April 2020

Wallpaper is making a huge comeback.

At Porter Decorators, we have extensive wallpapering experience.  We are dedicated to excellence in service and delivery of professional interior and exterior decorating.  Sometimes, however, homeowners like to give decorating a go.  Our blog posts offer DIY enthusiasts some expert insights to help you get a better quality finish.  In this article, we focus on some tips and techniques for Wallpapering in your home or business. Let us know if you found these tips useful.

Here are my Top 9 Tips when Hanging Wallpaper.


Tip 1 – Measure twice, cut once.



Tip 2 – Paste



Tip 3 – Order all rolls at once


Tip 4 – Surface Preparation


Wallpapering service

Tip 5 – Plumb Bob





Tip 6 – Wallpapering around switches and sockets.



Tip 7 – Seams and Air Bubbles


Tip 8 – Keeping Paper Clean



Tip 9 – The Professionals

Wallpapering service