How to maintain and clean a wooden floor

4th August 2020

How to maintain and clean a wooden floor

Wooden floors are an integral part of many homes, they are stylish, decorative and can make the décor of a house shine that much more. But Like many facets of your household, wooden floors need to be treated with care and looked after so they last longer and maintain their beautiful facade. 

Unlike tile or even carpet, scratches, and dents on wooden floors both old and new can make the look and feel of a room differ. We are going to have a look at some preventive measure for wooden floors, do’s and don’ts and a few ways you can treat a floor that may have been damaged.


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How to avoid damaging your wooden floor:

Liquids can seriously affect wooden floors and spills should be cleaned up immediately. The lacquer or oil coating will protect it initially, but long-term exposure can damage your floor.

Some scratched and dents are inevitable over the years, but to avoid much more noticeable damage, try to avoid wearing footwear on your wooden floors, or use slippers or some other softer material which won’t have such a large impact on your floor.

One of the most common contributors to floor damage is large furniture being dragged or moved across the floor. Use protector pads on the base of your furniture and where possible always lift your furniture to avoid scratches.

Do’s and Don’ts of a wooden floor:

Some important reminders for cleaning and protecting your wooden floor:

Things not to do with a wooden floor:

How to maintain and clean a wooden floor 2

Cleaning a wooden floor:

One of the most common reasons for having a wooden floor is how easy it is to clean. A soft bristle brush is ideal for removing dust and dirt, you can also use a vacuum but make sure you have the right attachments.

To remove any remaining stains or marks, a microfibre mop with neutral PH cleaning spray is perfect. This will lift any residue without leaving any oily stains or marks.

What to do with damaged floors?

If you buy into an existing property or there simply has been a lot of wear and tear, don’t fret as your floors can be repaired and cared for.

The simplest fix for more modern wooden flooring with oil finishes is to simply apply more oil when there are some small scratches and marks that you wish to hide.

Lacquered floors need a little more work. A lacquered floor will require a light sanding before applying more lacquer and allowing it to dry.

For larger scratches and marks you may require the services of a specialist. Larger marks will require quite a lot of sanding and protective finishing that you may not be able to undertake yourself.